This performance was in collaboration with Zoe Kuhn. 
Each of us wore worker uniforms, taking
on the role of the laborer. Mimicking the oppressive nature of the
class structure within the labor system, laborers are pitted against
each other. Zoe is positioned in a clear, plexiglass box placed
inside of a blow-up pool. I duct tape the box to the inside of the
pool in order to keep it air tight, and weigh the box down with
bricks so that it will not float. I then begin filling the pool up with
water. Zoe takes in air through a breathing tube and communicates to me through hand signals, based on her comfortability level. I fill the pool up until she signals to me with a
"3," which means she is no longer comfortable in the box. Once
this happens, I climb over the railing of balcony that the audience
is viewing from and remove my uniform. An assistant asks the
audience to vacate the room and the performance ends.
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