About the event:
It has come to our attention that many of us are haunted by our guts. The stomach is a no man’s land of emotions, experiences, and other indigestible matter. HARD 2 SWALLOW is a new take on immersive performance: for one night only, find yourself swallowed whole. A journey down the digestive tract. Let’s see what you’re really made of. 

Dress code: good enough to eat. 

A pre-Halloween evening of immersive performance presented by HUSH-HUSH and R/SF projects.
About MASQ:
R/SF invites you into a hidden underground of performance art, dance, installation, and sound—where spontaneous encounters and interactive landscapes unfold. Immerse yourself in a contemporary masquerade where art objects contain clues and invite sensorial play.

Put on a mask, dance with a stranger, and step into a role of bold self-experimentation. Abandon your cell phone and the world of Tinder to seek something experiential and sublime—Theatricalize your Saturday night.

Witness R/SF transform into MASQ—a gallery in drag for the night. We invite audience members to take part in this ephemeral fantasy: a living production featuring mystical non-linear narratives and a rotating cast that invites repeat exploration. At the nexus of improvisational movement, theatre, and installation art, MASQ immerses the viewer in the possibility of art as it unfolds in real time.


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