According to astronauts, 
         I’m from the brightest spot on the dark side of Earth -
not a “real” place, but a city of forbidden pleasures,
                              made not to live in, but to escape.
Child to parents who spent their livelihoods building facades
                                                       of places I wasn’t allowed to enter.
Constructing the ‘American Dream,’
             everyone in the desert is on speed,
Fitting together the intestinal pipelines of capitalism
                we were in the middle of nowhere, inventing a city from dust.

Less than a century old, a place called Las Vegas.
                            I spent my summers at the Mirage and the Circus Circus,
                 sometimes the rave carnival in the middle of the speedway.
This specific anomaly of postmodern hyperreality has become
                                                      the central
                                         informant to my practice.

My work primarily utilizes performance through interdisciplinary approaches 
to investigate the social body
                                and the nuances of the omnipresent social spheres it exists within; 
in scenarios where my personal desires may compete or fail to align with those of
          a family member,
          sometimes the entire planet.
By working through a personal narrative and queer lens
                                                            my body and I
                                                            remain as intimate constants
throughout the work, while often costumed somehow and 
involving many collaborators along the way.
      Internal logic systems,
      humor and fun
                             serve as tools to build up my own language~reality
 and break down hierarchical relationships.
                                                                Using identity
as a constellation of multiple and unstable positions,
as a malleable tool
        for reinforcing resistance 
                  and offering multifaceted perspectives
opens up possibilities
       for personal and political liberation
                  from oppressive aesthetic and social conventions.

We can reinvent ourselves
The everyday made infinitely more spectacular
I believe absolutely that time is imposed
Let’s end at the beginning ​​​​​​​
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